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Our new range of candles are currently being designed - they will be available soon

Candles from The Green Housekeeper.

Our cleaning products leave a wonderful natural aroma around your home whenever you clean. To extend this natural aroma (and please* to replace air fresheners) we have created natural candles.

What is in them?

  • Recyclable container - pure soy wax – unbleached organic cotton wick - aluminium retainer – secret blends of organic essential oils
  • handmade without any heavy machinery
  • made in the UK, less transportation
  • ethically sourced natural ingredients
  • long lasting

Our blends of essential oils replicate our cleaning products. We also make candles to suit certain moods, diffuse or create certain situations and to celebrate seasons.  Candles give wonderful light, a warm atmosphere; they feel sumptuous, sophisticated and even a little decadent - ours smell delicious too!

We know our cleaning products are often bought as gifts (it surprised us too!) and our candles make beautiful hand crafted gifts.   We do not automatically send them out gift wrapped – mindful of packaging, but we will upon request.

Candle safety.

As with all candles you do need to follow some guidelines. Your safety is important to us, so please, when burning our candles -

  • put them on a heat-resistant surface & make sure they are upright
  • don't put candles near curtains, or other fabrics or furniture - and keep them out of draughts
  • candles should always be sited out of the reach of children and away from areas that pets can get into
  • leave at least four inches (10 cms) between any two candles
  • don't leave them burning – you should extinguish candles before you leave a room; never go to sleep with a candle still burning and never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child's bedroom

and finally…………

*Ok, we have tried really hard not to be at all negative or tell you about the dangers and potential harmful chemicals – other people can tell you and there is plenty of research on the internet about this – but – we simply can’t keep quiet about this one – so, as carefully as possible, would you mind  trying to fragrance your home using a lovely subtle natural candle instead of say, for instance, a device which you can plug into a socket which periodically squirts substances into your room, or a can to be liberally sprayed around. 
We will back down now, no offence intended.  Thanks for letting us get that off your chest!

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