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Here is a sample Recipe we will send to you – it works brilliantly!

If you find any of our instructions difficult or complicated please just contact us – we have offered support via telephone to customers, literally chatting as you add the……. and now stir, it should look like etc…… never worry about asking questions, we do not judge and we’d far prefer that you felt confident, once you have made these recipes once it becomes really simple and, dare we say, fun!

It really is similar to baking and I often fit in making a batch of biscuits or scones and my laundry liquid simultaneously.  I am but human and I have many faults but I do believe one of my finest strengths is in my ability to manage my time to best effect!

I have a reasonably structured way of cleaning. I have the essential day to day things which have to be completed and I try to manage one additional job per day – and there’s always plenty!

Finally – we all have 24 hours in each day.  This hasn’t changed. What matters is how you use the hours, please do not be unkind to yourself if you don’t get the windows cleaned on a particular day – learn to prioritise.  If you are working full time and have a family too – learn to dictate, no sorry of course I don’t mean dictate, delegate!  Email us and we have factsheets about age appropriate chores – this is not a failure in you, by involving your family (I am not talking popping the children up the chimney) and ensuring that they are responsible for their own things makes for a happier environment for all.  Rose coloured spectacles?  I think you will be surprised how quickly we can get some to you too!

It is important that you buy not only good quality ingredients but that you have the correct tools too.  Buy cheap, buy twice, as my grandfather used to say.  You may be surprised how many uses you can find for a toothbrush!  Please make sure your cleaning equipment is kept safe, stored out of reach of children and pets and the same toothbrush doesn’t get muddled with the ones you use to clean your teeth!!

Let’s make a simply wonderful window cleaner for a fraction of the price of a commercially produced one. Once you have bought the initial bottle and trigger and you are re-using - this costs literally pennies – and you know what it contains!


You will need:

  1. A smile (free) whilst you find a measuring jug.
  2. Empty Container and Trigger Spray (50p from our Store Cupboard).
  3. 10ml of The Green Housekeeper Kitchen Cleaner.
  4. 30ml Vinegar.
  5. 100ml Water (sorry I have no idea – our water comes from a Spring).

You will also need:

  1. Some windows or glass that needs to be cleaned!
  2. A toothbrush.
  3. A cloth (microfibre is good but a clean rag will do).
  4. Newspaper or (I appreciate not everybody buys these nowadays and please don’t buy one to clean windows with!).
  5. A separate lint free cloth.
  6. Rubber Gloves.
  7. A permanent marker pen or paper, pen and sticky tape.

Make It Up

  1. Take the empty container, add the water, add the vinegar and finally add the Kitchen Cleaner.
  2. Put on the trigger firmly and shake the mixture.
  3. Mark the bottle to indicate the purpose of the contents (Windowclean), ingredients and date of manufacture. Be creative!

Use It

Pop on the rubber gloves and take the toothbrush and sweep the edge of the glass, pay attention to the corners where there may be cobwebs (don’t be alarmed by this, cobwebs can appear overnight) and the bottom of the glass where dust can collect – we have made a glass cleaner, there are other products to make to clean your frames, regardless of what they are made of.

Depending upon the size of the area to be cleaned and the amount of dirt, work in small sections.  Shake your product in the bottle and apply a squirt of your cleaner either onto the cloth (my preference) or onto the glass, and wipe gently using circular motions.  Do not scrub, this is not a session in the gymnasium!  Carefully and methodically continue to wipe the area to be cleaned.  Push the product into the corners gently keeping the cloth moving over the surface.

Polish the surface by taking a sheet of your newspaper, crumpling it and wiping gently in either an up and down or side to side motion.  If you are to clean both sides of the window if you use side to side on the inside and top to bottom on the outside it will be easy to see where the smears are (if there are any of course!) because they will either be in a vertical or horizontal direction – clever?

When you have finished, stand back and admire your work.  Look to the corners, scan with your eyes across looking for any smears, polish as necessary.

Now to more windows!

When you have finished tap the toothbrush on the side of the sink to remove dust, rinse your rubber gloves thoroughly, remove from your hands and hang with a peg to dry. Pop the newspaper in the recycling.  Pop the cloth(s) to the laundry, or, if they are particularly gruesome, soak them in a solution of Borax Substitute to clean and disinfect – see laundry recipes.

Store your Windowclean in a safe place, cool and dry, out of the reach of children and pets. Use within six weeks.   Congratulate yourself, well done!


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